Can I help you? (too much?)

December 14 2015

Is it possible to over deliver? We complain about poor levels of customer service all day long. But what about when people become over zealous in their aim to please – to the point of irritating?

I have a supplier I am starting to avoid because of this. She is incredibly appreciative (aka ‘gushy’) over every piece of business I send, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. I can cope with that.

But here’s the main problem… she over services my needs.

It starts with an email quote. This arrives safely in to my inbox – as they tend to do. However she makes sure her quote gets to me with everything short of carrier pigeon. She asks for an email RSVP, leaves messages on my mobile and landline and then posts me the quote to make sure I get it. I get it.

It doesn’t end there. She then follows it up with the tenacity of a bulldog and the cheeriness of an air steward. It’s at this point, in much pain, that I remember why I haven’t used her company’s services for a while.

This line of attack (and it does feel like an attack) continues with several calls to confirm delivery dates, check its safe arrival, follow up on my feedback, enquire after the health of my clients and ask why I am sobbing.

Quite frankly it’s too much and I don’t have the time for my supplier to be this perfect. Do your job but don’t make it everyone else’s. Take on the mantle of a super stealthy SAS marksman – do the job, make it quick and easy – and get the hell out. Maybe that sentence shows I’ve been watching too much Scandal but make sure your idea of customer service is the kind of service your customer actually wants.

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