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Don't make people have to work it out

November 20 2015

On the motorway yesterday I saw this incredibly annoying strapline on the side of a van: “Enhancing outcomes for the patient and the carer” – or some such blah. What does it even mean? Firstly, I can’t be bothered to work it out and secondly, JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU DO! It is rehab? Is it colostomy bags? Tell me!

It aggravated me so much that I googled it. Nothing came up except for a stream of NHS based websites who clearly use this terminology on a regular basis. Unbelievable. We have a National Health Service that has been strangled by political correctness. And if there is an organisation that needs to speak Plain English, surely it is the one that holds our health in its hands?

I don’t want enhanced outcomes, I want to know exactly what it is you do otherwise you are better off not having a strapline at all. We live in a world of improved communications after all don’t we? I’m really hoping today’s enhanced outcome is better straplines all round.

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