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Start, stop, change, continue

November 20 2015

You can apply this fantastic process to your marketing, your whole business or even in a self-help “change your life” kind of way. I’m talking marketing here as it’s a marketing blog : ) It works when you find yourself in a work based rut and feel the need for a shake up.

Simply get a huge piece of paper (or 4 normal size ones) and mark them up with ‘Start’, ‘Stop’, ‘Change’ and ‘Continue’. It’s best to brainstorm this in a team – or if you work alone, ask a colleague, mate or dog to help you. Then you simply, without over-thinking it, make lists under each heading.

For ‘Start’ – list all the new things you need to implement – it’s best to list habitual things as opposed to creating a massive ‘to do list’ of one offs. You might want to include ‘regular website updates’, ‘start monthly client meetings’ or ‘send regular communications to my contacts’.

For ‘Stop’, think of things you might be doing that serve little purpose. One of my own issues is the avoidance of the phone. I have to stop this and, within sensible limits, take more calls and speak directly to more people. Email makes life more efficient but it takes away a really valuable personable aspect of doing business.

What do you need to ‘Change’? I invoice a week late – always going into the following month. That’s now on my list of important things to change.

And finally pat yourself on the back with things that work for you and your business with a shiny ‘Continue’ list. I haven’t done many blogs recently but my review process has prompted me to re-start them.

I came across this idea a few years ago and save the lists every time I do a new one as a reminder of my good intentions!

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