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December 14 2015

Lanzarote Retreats

I find the best way to get new business (for someone like me) is word of mouth. I am always happy to be recommended – it happened again this week resulting in a really great new client.

It’s not all about business though and sometimes it’s just healthy to share inspirational contacts which is what I’m doing here – recommending people who make me think, almost daily.

Tom Doggett – a marketing person like me – but with quite a lot to say about the work/life balance. He turned his life upside down by changing tack and going to live by the Cornish sea (something most people just dream about). I think he has things about right and his daily posts about marketing, life and the universe are thought-provoking, practical and interesting. Take a look at

Across the sea is New Yorker Gretchen Rubin, author of the best-selling book “The Happiness Project”(among others). She writes great books and, again, is always practical in her outlook. Her daily emails are well researched and inspirational – not in a ‘self help’ airy way but in a way that makes you think about how you live life, run your business and manage change. Visit Gretchen here. Yesterday’s blog was about the architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s 10 point manifesto for his apprentices – random but compelling reading.

So whether you’re recommending a builder, a book or an inspirational muse, don’t keep this valuable stuff to yourself… pass it on!

Oh and the picture at the top? It was a holiday destination recommended to me… and I’m recommending it to you… Lanzarote Retreats, heaven!

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