Time for a brand review

August 23 2017

When did you last really look at how your company is perceived by the outside world? I am as guilty of this as the next person which is unacceptable as it is my actual business. My main excuse is that I am too busy doing it for my clients - but in reality there are no excuses.

My 5 top tips for a brand review include:

Google your business - what comes up? It's a good idea to do this every month if you can or at least quarterly. Correct any out of date listings, update anything that catches your eye and be aware that this is what people see when they look for you online.

Review your social media - what are people reading? Look back on your last sequence of posts. Do they work together and follow a plan or are they a series of disjointed statements? Does the tone reflect who your business is?

How often do your clients hear from you? Are you a business that sends out client communications? If not, why not? Ask for advice on what makes good, engaging content and create a plan for regular, informative mailings (e-newsletters, posted items, postcards, anything).

Take a hard look at your website - is it an effective shop window? If you're unsure, ask 5 people around you for feedback. Is your service clear? Is the copy easy to read? Does it have a range of images and photos? Have you updated it recently? Google thrives on change so the more you add/update/amend, the more Google will favour your sites above others when it lists them (this is why a blog page is excellent).

Consider the value of a blog - following on nicely from the last point, a blog is a chance for you to educate, rant, opine or inform so why not take the opportunity to write 2-3 paragraphs every now and then? Ideally you should weave your business objectives into it and include a really useful title as this will increase your chances of being listed by Google if someone is looking for information that is included in your blog piece. I recently placed an order with a business on the back of the quality of their blog - they seemed genuinely informed people selling a product I wanted. It works.

There is so much more to a brand review but this is a strong place to start. I have concentrated on the online aspect for this blog but that's just one area. Make a start and let me know if you need a hand.

This entry was posted on August 23, 2017

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