What are your 'sliding doors'?

September 6 2016

IMG 6084“The Sliding Door Company doesn’t use sliding doors” – this is a funny social media post currently doing the rounds. It’s more than ironic but we all have a sliding door that we should be using. What does your business do? How do you showcase it?

It’s a top marketing tip for any business to talk less and show more. I drove past a design business recently that had its company name and corporate branding displayed in 3 different ways, demonstrating how NOT to brand your business. His sliding door clearly wasn’t in operation.

A car cleaning business should have a clean truck, a beautician should always have beautiful nails, a dog groomer must have a tidy hound and so on. It's one of the easiest ways to add to your credibility and one of the easiest ways to remove it. How often do you choose a hairdresser with awful hair?

For a long, long time I had an out of date website, "too busy" to update it and have it redesigned. It is a shaming example of my own need to make changes. Eventually I made time (over a quiet Christmas break) and now it is a far better representation of how I can help clients with their own websites - it supports my claim to know about these things!

What are your sliding doors and how can you show them off?


This entry was posted on September 6, 2016

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