Women's business groups - what are they for?

July 12 2016

Women in business

"Business can feel like a boys' club, but the answer is not to set up a rival girls' gang, it's to open membership to all."

Belinda Parmar of Lady Geek

I've never been a fan of the hen night. That might go some way towards my feelings about women-only business networks, women's director groups, women-only anything... So how do women get away with it? I actually have no idea and find the concept wearisome and outdated. Let's just get together in a common interest, regardless of our oestrogen levels, and do good things. I understand the need or benefit of some ventures that are specifically for women - birthing classes obviously - but you still find a rogue male lurking in those I have found. I was prompted to write this after violently deleting an email inviting me to a women-only directors networking session on the basis that it promotes itself in this way - why? What benefit is there to me of it just being women? In my experience a group of ambitious women is not a supportive or nurturing environment. I think a balance of men and women, reflective of real life, is vital to any successful venture.

The quote above sums it up for me - if you'd like to read the interesting and intelligent article this was taken from, it is right HERE.


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