How I work

Hard, transparently, intelligently, effectively

I work with businesses, organisations, charities and government departments on a project, retained and ad hoc basis.

Taking the time to get to know you...

The first step is a fact finding mission so I can put together an intelligent approach to your marketing and PR work. I ask about your aims and what you want to achieve for your business. I’ll ask lots of questions about your company, the team, your customers and how it all works together. Then I’ll go away and carefully consider and prepare a proposal for your marketing – including timescales and budgets. Going forward, if you like what I’ve outlined, we can create a schedule of monthly activities and work together for a fixed fee each month. Most clients need as few as 2 - 4 days per month to achieve good results.

I like to spend time in client offices to get a thorough understanding of the real organisation - not just the face we meet in the boardroom! Understanding how the business works, how people interact and how relationships are built is invaluable. I can also represent you much more honestly so your brand and communications are credible and true.