Plan, manage, implement, assess, refresh and keep it going

Strategy and Planning

I don't make a move until I know what you want to achieve. We'll sit together and work out where you are now and where you'd like to be. A plan is put together that meets your aims, budget and timescales and then you leave it up to me to make it happen! The plan is a reference document that we return to, check against and update in real time as your marketing activities unfold.


I listen to what you want to achieve and carefully blend the right marketing and PR tools that will do the job. After sooo many years of doing this, I have most of the skills in-house. If there's anything missing, I bring in experienced support - such as specialist photographers and web designers - and introduce you directly, keeping everyone's costs as low as possible.


Your business exists in reality of course. But your online presence is also vitally important. We all check out companies online - usually before we commit to anything. That's why I make sure that your online brand is as powerful and effective as possible. Your online brand is a combination of everything that can be found out about you on the Internet - your website, social media platforms, blog page, even where you've been mentioned by a third party. Even if you've never taken the narcissistic step of googling yourself, google your company and see what comes up!

loud and clear

I look at every aspect of your communications. I check that your tone and message are consistent. I write, edit and refine until your words are clear. Meaningful imagery is sourced and strengthens your brand. I make sure you are saying exactly what you mean to say.

Together we look at every point of contact and make the most of every opportunity. This applies to face-to-face contact, print, online and every other area of communication in your organisation.


It's a digital age but there is still a real need for print. I will make sure you are properly represented wherever you are - from business cards to presentations - it's all part of the brand.

I have the skills to design and create all the printed items you need and the expertise to manage the print to perfection.


Part of Fluent's role is usually business development. It's my job to lead you right up to the point of sale - prepare your brand, search out the right audience(s), communicate your message and deliver the sales opportunities to your door. This is an exciting part of the service - and brainstorming and discussing innovative ideas is really valuable. But it's also important that we don't overlook the basics - excellent customer service, being clear about what you are offering and making contact easy.

a right performance

I often manage client events - press events, seminars, webinars (increasingly), launches, exhibitions (less so these days), training events and even staff parties. The virtual era may have taken over but there's always reason for people to get together, meet properly and enjoy face-to-face time.

I take care of every aspect and make sure it is a blinding success and worth the investment of time and energy - never forgetting the reasons for hosting an event in the first place.


Images are a vital part of all marketing and PR. I manage all of your imagery, from PR photography to website images.

Research shows that visual stimulation is becoming more important than the written word. Bad news for copywriters but great news for photographers!

Video is playing an increasingly important role too - that's an example of something I draft in the professionals to do.