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Archive: June, 2016

  • Wear your work face better

    June 17 2016

    Screen shot 2016 06 17 at 10.13.51

    A couple of quite different observations this week have prompted this blog theme - how well do you wear your work face?  

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  • Dated accolades? Bin them!

    June 8 2016

    Screen shot 2016 06 08 at 11.00.38

    I was driving behind a lorry yesterday that boldly proclaimed on its rear end 'Haulier of the year 1999'. It washed over me for a while until I suddenly thought - "that's 17 years ago!" Dear lord, get the quick-removing hair dryer on that vinyl lettering at once!

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  • Are you using visual content?

    June 3 2016

    24296615 s

    There's a good reason that the big online players are competing hard to buy up the social media platforms that focus on visual content. Facebook paid $1billion for Instagram (2012) and bought WhatsApp for $19billion (2014).

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