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  • Social media for busy people - 5 top tips

    January 26 2016

    social media

    It's the one thing we know we should be paying just a little bit more attention to but don't quite find the time, right? Here are 5 tips that will help cover your company's social media basics...

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  • How do you look online?

    November 20 2015

    All businesses have a brand. Some carefully craft theirs (from start to finish) so they are as representative of the company’s culture as possible. Some businesses start life with a designer and maybe an agency for initial support.

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  • Ban lazy social media

    September 19 2014

    Today I was inspired to blog after coming across an article that showed how a PR company had scheduled tweets for the fabulous, late Joan Rivers that are now being broadcast, seemingly from beyond the grave (Source: The Guardian – link to article… http://bit.ly/ZrKSPF).

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  • i <3 Facebook advertising

    May 15 2014

    I’ve recently been moved to try Facebook advertising for my clients and for Fluent. I have always been impressed at Facebook’s spookily accurate targeting. Have you noticed how all the ads on the page are all about YOU? My Facebook wall features clothes I like, diet advice, relevant book information,...

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