Special offer? Is it really?

December 14 2015

Special Offer.  Is it really?

I bought an Epson printer last month. £60 with £30 cashback.  Oh and another £30 cashback when I bought £30 worth of ink. What a great deal – £90 worth of goods from Currys for £30 all told. Step forward happy consumer. Whoa, not so fast…

Claim your £60 first. Oh, ok. Find the claim page on Currys’ website. Take several minutes to attempt this. Offer has expired so there is no page. Go to Epson and take several minutes working out where ‘support’ might be located. It’s well disguised but after several weeks (or so it felt) use live chat to establish eligibility. Go to cunningly hidden page on Epson’s website. Complete an online claim form. Upload a proof of purchase. No, a confirmation email won’t do. Go back to Currys’ website, request copy invoice and wait 2 days. Keep the cleverly hidden web page open for fear of losing it forever. Upload copy invoice. Wait up to 30 days for money back.

And in the words of Diana Ross… I’m still waiting.

What’s special about that?

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