Perfection paralysis

December 14 2015

The pursuit of marketing perfection is a long, weary haul.

Over the years I’ve had a real mix of approaches from clients to the work I’ve produced. I’ve had the “yeah, fine, go with it” response right through to the “no way, wait… move that image one pixel to the left” type of client (really).

In reality the ideal approach is somewhere in between. It’s gratifying to know my work receives more than a cursory glance from a busy MD. However, too much painstaking attention to detail sucks the joy and life of it and I end up crying on the carpet.

Marketing communications need to be accurate (no typos, correct content, aimed at the right audience… the usual) as a baseline. Overlay with some creativity and momentum and away you go. Don’t overthink it. Don’t delay unnecessarily. Don’t worry that it’s not perfect. To save you the bother of worrying, I can reliably inform you that it won’t be.

Send your imperfect missive to your audience and move on to the next activity. Keeping a dynamic, regular flow of communications is obviously more effective and powerful than being struck dumb through over anxiety.

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